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Introduction to Microsoft Word


  1. Make a 3-Columns design of a magazine using the template attached to this task
  2. Create and type into the document reasonable words from your thinking, a book, or a journal.
  3. Submit the document a .doc or .docx format.
  4. Make sure you submit this task by the expected deadline

Good luck!

Computer Hardware Task

Computer Hardware Project

Kindly enroll in this course and download the document attached by Clicking on Computer Hardware Project above

Do diligent research on the task

Make a concise write-up and submit it by the expected deadline.


Good luck

Introduction to Graphic Design

This course will expose you to the fundamental of graphic design, and introduce you to the use of relevant Graphics Design Softwares, with a major focus on CorelDraw Graphics Suites.

Introduction to Web Development

This courses takes you through the basics of how the internet works, how we access the internet with our devices and how we can design and host a basic website using HTML & CSS.