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About Modakeke

Modakeke is a town in Osun State, South West Nigeria, with a population of close to 500,000 people.The Modakekes are also known as the “Akoraye” and have a history of valor at war and are prosperous farmers (SOURCE)

Modakeke is under which local government?

Ife East local government
Modakeke is referred to as the Headquarters of Ife East local government (SOURCE)

What is the name of Modakeke King?

Oba Moses Oladejo Oyediran
Moses Oladejo Oyediran, from Ajombadi Compound in Modakeke, Osun State, is the new Ogunsua of Modakeke. (SOURCE)

What happened between Modakeke and Ife?

The Modakeke inhabitants did not want to be seen as part and parcel of Ife-Ife. They rejected the supremacy of Ooni, the traditional ruler of the Ife Kingdom and wanted “Isakole” payment over land to the Ife to be stopped (Oladoyin, 2001. State and ethno-communal violence in Nigeria: The case of Ife-Modakeke. (SOURCE)

What causes the fight between Ife and Modakeke?

This study found out that the major core causes of the conflict between Ife and Modakeke group include land issues, Ife East Local Government issue, debate about Modakeke’s sovereignty or staying with Ife, masquerade (egungun) crossing into each other’s territory, boundary disagreement, etc. (SOURCE)

Which year is Modakeke and Ife war

The first intra-community conflict between the Modakekes and the Ifes broke out in 1835 (Oladoyin, 2001. State and ethno-communal violence in Nigeria: The case of Ife-Modakeke. (SOURCE)

Modakeke postal code

  • Osun, 220251 Modakeke, Modakeke, Ogbadore
  • Osun, 220252 Modakeke, Modakeke, Ade Owo
  • Osun, 220253 Modakeke, Modakeke, Aranse Olukoola
  • Osun, 220254 Modakeke, Modakeke, Oke Otubu Quarters
  • Osun, 220255 Modakeke, Modakeke, Oke Ola
  • Osun, 220256 Modakeke, Modakeke, Ayanshola
  • Osun, 220257 Modakeke, Modakeke, Esuyare Quarters
  • Osun, 220261 Modakeke, Modakeke, Okeyidi
  • Osun, 220262 Modakeke, Modakeke, Iraye Street
  • Osun, 220263 Modakeke, Modakeke, Bosa Street
  • Osun, 220264 Modakeke, Modakeke, Oke D.O Road
  • Osun, 220265 Modakeke, Modakeke, Alapata
  • Osun, 220266 Modakeke, Modakeke, Akarabata

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  • Congratulations on the setting up of your website. It looks easy to navigate and easily readable.

    Please consider updating your list of traditional Compounds or communities to postal code areas as you called them

    Ile Eesiki Compound
    Ile Onile Aran
    Ile Oge n Roju
    Oke Owu
    Esin Oye, etc are some of our traditional communities within Modakeke.

    Also, can you create portals within your website for us to watch good YouTube videos of Masquerades and other important events like the Annual Akoraye Day?

    Kudos to you all for your pioneering efforts

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