ICT Academy

Due to the computer literacy gap noted in our community, the ICT academy has been organized in partnership with FirstWord Empowerment Network to create an opportunity for students to learn how to use the computer effectively in order to stay competitive in this digital environment.

Each student is given opportunity to learn and master skills such as Microsoft word, Excel, Introduction to computer programing and hardware engineeringe.t.c. Upon completion, students are expected to be able to use the computer to complete their various exams efficiently, independently surf the internet to learn useful skills and complete different tasks as needed.

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Modakeke Skills Acquisition and Training (MSAT)

MSAT has been organized as an attempt to solve the issue of joblessness for the people of Modakeke. The intention of this training is to give an opportunity to enhance the skills of capable individuals, especially our youths, who are hardworking but have been unable to retain an employment.

This is an avenue to provide an opportunity for possibility to raise more business owners in different areas. It is our hope that this initiative will help the modakeke youths be active contributors to the society and eradicate poverty and joblessness one at a time.

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MPI Scholarship Program

MPI USA believes children are the future of our society, therefore we are committed to ensuring every child from Modakeke receives an education by supporting underprivileged students.

The current annual Scholarship program is open to all senior secondary school 3(SS3) students in Modakeke with academic excellence.

MPI USA awards these students by paying for their WASSCE exams. The intention of this program is to alleviate some financial burden from students and parents struggling to pay for the WASSCE examination fees in order to focus on what truly matters, which is gaining admission to the higher institution.

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