The State is situated in the tropical rain forest zone. It covers an area of approximately 14,875 sq km and lies between latitude 7° 30′ 0″ N and longitude 4° 30′ 0″ E. Though a landlocked state, it is blessed with presence of many rivers and streams which serves the water needs of the state.

It is boundaried by Ogun State to the south, Kwara State to the north, Oyo State to the west and Ekiti and Ondo State to the east. The state is within the tropical rain forest with abundance of resources. Minerals resources found in the state include gold, kaolin and others which are being extracted for the benefit of the state and the people

The state also has many hills in towns like Ikirun, Iragbiji, Ilesha, Ikire and Ile-Ife. These hills were fortresses for the people during the Yoruba wars and the Fulani expansionist period. Presently, they serve as beautiful sceneries and landscape to look upon when visiting or passing through these towns.

There are over 200 major towns and several villages in the state.

Osun State Nigeria Map (Source: WIkipedia)

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