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History of Modakeke

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Modakeke was founded around 1830 when the then Ooni of Ile-Ife, king Abewela earmark the portion of land for the progenitors to settle down. The settlement earmarked by king Abewela was called Ilu Oyo, but due to the fear of the Alaafin of Oyo Ile, they consulted Ifa Oracle and were asked to go to EBU ALAKO to go and listen to the chirping of the birds on the Araba tree around that area. On getting to the Araba tree, the Stork birds began to chirp MO-DA-KE-KE, MO-DA-KE-KE, MO-DA-KE-KE. The messengers then went back to report what was witnessed.

Ifa priest was summoned to come and inquire of the Oracle for the interpretation of the message. Thus, Ifa told them the settlement should be called MODAKEKE according to the sound of the stork birds that resides in Araba tree in Ebu Alako.

The Ira Oracle that the king of AAYE fled with when Aaye town was overrun in IPOLE OWU at the time of war between ORILE OWU, IJEBU, IBADAN and other Yoruba people is called IRA. Several years after Oba Laaye had taken away the Oracle and his people from this area to the core region of Ile-Ife, that was when Ooni, king Abewela founded the settlement for Modakeke.

The name of this town is MO-DA-KE-KE AKO-RI-AAYE and not Modakeke Ako Iraye. All the warriors that founded the town collectively deliberate on the Eulogy and came to terms with using Ogun-so-wa-po (god of iron join us together). Which was what they turn to Ogunsua which is the title for the king of Modakeke till now.

From the inception till now, Modakeke has been govern by 18 kings, while the current king is HIH Oba (Dr.) Francis Olatunji Adedoyin (Olaogbin 1). By the help of God, presently the population of Modakeke indigene is Two Hundred and Twenty Thousand (220,000)

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  • As I’m seeing this website for the first time, I commended the MPI for the progress may Almighty Allaah assist us to do more for the progress of our reputable city and I want to ask for the updating on oriki Modakeke because there are some area where some word is incomplete like omo a to fija gbode they wrote omo a to IJA gbode etc.

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